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Online Viewing Brings Families Together

The Ira Kaufman Chapel became the first Jewish funeral home in Michigan to add innovative capabilities to offer families the option of webcasting funerals, at no extra cost. Jewish funerals, by tradition, must be quickly arranged to take place within 48 hours of death.

"We are added this capability based on the feedback of our community, which has undergone significant change in recent years," said Joshua Tobias, Director, The Ira Kaufman Chapel. "Families are now spread out around the country and too often, the community tells us that loved ones just cannot make it back to Metro Detroit in time for funerals. This allows them to do the next best thing - watch and listen."

Families are able to choose live webcast, archived webcast, or both. They may also choose not to webcast.

"We also hear from members of our community who are not able to make it to funerals, particularly senior citizens and particularly in the winter," said David Techner, Funeral Director, The Ira Kaufman Chapel. "The Chapel has a long history of providing access to those who are not able to participate in religious services in person. Members of our family, Herb and Babs Kaufman, have generously donated the technology for local temples and synagogues to broadcast their services via telephone. Funeral webcasting helps continue that tradition."

The Chapel installed a fixed camera, which does not interfere with any aspect of the funerals and a technology system that, via this site, webcasts the video and audio to anywhere in the world. The Chapel does not charge viewers for accessing webcasts.