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Advance Arrangements: Savings and Assurance

A Prearranged Funeral Is Financially Sensible And Practical.

When you choose and purchase an appropriate plan, your money goes into an interest-bearing, 3rd-party escrow account that's state-regulated. If a guaranteed-price contract is selected, you or survivors never pay anything more for merchandise and services listed.

Benefits: Interest covers the impact of inflation on the value of a funeral conducted years or decades later. If funeral costs are lower than the account total, we return the difference, though not required by state regulations.

Integrity: We do not add a commission, fee or other charges. Our aim is to help you choose a pre-arranged funeral that provides peace of mind for you and your family, maximizing today's dollars for tomorrow's services.

Flexibility: Arrangements can be canceled any time, for any reason. The principal and interest from the original agreement will be returned in full, even though the law allows the retention of 10% for administrative fees. The money is yours; our access only comes with the presentation of a certified copy of a death certificate.

Asset Management: Prearranged funerals are a permitted way to divest assets for nursing home residents and applicants for public medical assistance covering long-term care. By reducing assets, the dollars used are that of the patient's and not the hard earned dollars of various family members.

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