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ABOUT US (Josh Tobias)

Josh Tobias The newest team member joined in early 2010 after seven years in the financial services industry. Tobias says he was attracted by opportunities for "fulfilling meaningful and rewarding service to our Jewish community."

Immediate reinforcement came from his pre-teen daughter, who reacted to the new position this way: "Dad, that's like a mitzvah job." The family, which also includes his wife Alyssa and his son, lives in the Farmington Hills neighborhood where Tobias grew up -- the type of stability and continuity represented by THE IRA KAUFMAN CHAPEL.

Reflection: "It's unusual for us to arrange a funeral for a family whom we have not worked with in the past. A woman pre-arranging a funeral for her ill mother said we seemed to know more about her family than she does."

Cell phone: 248.762.4001

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